Baby Owen’s Newborn Session | Orlando, Florida Newborn Photographer

Sweet goodness, guys! Baby Owen was too much to handle. By the way, can we talk about how adorable his parents decorated his nursery?! I love a good fall photo session, and this sweet little boy came just in time for colder weather snuggles. After browsing these sweet photos, don’t you want to go cuddle up with your babies and take a long nap? Being a Florida newborn photographer doesn’t help with the fall feels, but we can all still pretend, right?

Mike + Raquel | St. Petersburg Beach Wedding | Sunset Beach, Florida

She was a dance instructor, and he had set out to try new things. Attending a dance class was on his list. He showed up to her class by accident one night, thinking he was headed to a different class. Fast forward a few months, many memories made, an engagement and all thats left to do is grow old together. I was so honored to be the photographer to document their commitment to each other on Sunset Beach last month. They planned their destination wedding in Florida from up in Raleigh, North Carolina where they met and live. If you look closely, you can actually see a glimpse into how deep his love is for her. Absolute fascination for his bride.

Baby Ezra | Orlando Newborn Photographer | Alison Epps Photography

Being a brand new mother is a very wonderful thing. A very scary thing. But wonderful, nonetheless. I walked through the early years of marriage with this lady. Before either of us had children we would photograph weddings together, take trips together, and hangout in between. When I moved for the first time, to Savannah, she reminded me that I was missed. She would sit on the phone with me while I got to know my new area and made new friends and got into the wedding industry in a new state. When she got pregnant with her first-born, I couldn’t be there all the time like I wanted to. But I did get to meet her little girl, Isla, just a few weeks later….

What I did this Summer | Vizcaya Museum and Gardens | Miami, Florida Wedding Photographer

What I did this Summer. This could be a novel, really. But for my sake, since I have two children playing in the other room while my husband washes my car, I’ll keep it short. Ok, for your sake too. Cause who has time to recap in written words, when the pictures say so much more? Well, for starters, we moved. I’ll go into a bit more detail about that in a future post. But, we got an amazing house of our dreams, in a fantastic area. In the same neighborhood as our best friends to boot! And as if that wasn’t enough, I got a job. Like the kind where I work for someone else. But it’s also a dream job. This has been…

Basic Invite | Wedding Invitations | Alison Epps Photography

Every little detail on the wedding day deserves attention. As a photographer, I absolutely love seeing brides and grooms go extra lengths to set the tone of their wedding. It all starts with the invitations. They truly are the first thing your guests will see when it comes to your wedding. I am thrilled to share this amazing invitation website with you for your formal wedding invitations!! You can customize it to your liking, so if you have your colors and fonts and designs figured out just plug away. If not, browsing through their designs online really can help hone in on what is perfect for you. Colors are a huge part of your wedding and Basic Invite offers over 180 different color options so…