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Baby Ezra | Orlando Newborn Photographer | Alison Epps Photography

Being a brand new mother is a very wonderful thing. A very scary thing. But wonderful, nonetheless.
I walked through the early years of marriage with this lady. Before either of us had children we would photograph weddings together, take trips together, and hangout in between. When I moved for the first time, to Savannah, she reminded me that I was missed. She would sit on the phone with me while I got to know my new area and made new friends and got into the wedding industry in a new state. When she got pregnant with her first-born, I couldn’t be there all the time like I wanted to. But I did get to meet her little girl, Isla, just a few weeks later. I was pregnant with my first at that time. I remember getting all my mama advice from Rachel. Every time I was too nauseous to get out of bed, it warranted a phone call to Rachel for support or just distraction. then, every time my newborn baby spit up too many times or slept too many hours, or even when she giggled for the first time – we shared these moments with each other.
Fast forward many years and many babies later – we are actually now neighbors! Dream come true! I photographed her second child, Oliver, in the delivery room and that was absolutely amazing. And now, her third, sweet little baby Ezra. I got to be there for his birth as well. And, I got to document her mama heart through my lens.

I am blessed and honored to have walked through the early years of parenting with her as my emotional, mental and even physical support (as she gets me out to workout several times a week now too!)

Thats just the back story behind the photos. But let the images tell the rest of the story for me. Enjoy.

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