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Megan + Sean Wedding | Largo Beach Wedding | St. Petersburg, Florida Wedding Photographer


Megan and Sean had such a beautiful wedding on Largo Beach in early November. There are some couple’s that look at each other in a way that I can’t even try to design when posing them; Megan and Sean were that couple. The notes they wrote to each other before they saw each other on their wedding day began with a card that BOTH said was not nearly big enough to write what they were feeling. That is so huge, to need to tell each other why you are the lucky one. Sean repeated each of his vows, changing them to emphasize how much Megan meant to him. They both wore smiles all day long that looked like they had just won the jackpot! Ok…

Robin + Tom Wedding | Selby Gardens Wedding Photographer | Sarasota Florida Wedding


Robin and Tom were married in October at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida and it was the most romantic setting. Garden weddings are already romantic but I loved all of the unique details of theirs. Some of my favorite of the unique details were Robin’s floral crown which was SO gorgeous in her curly hair, the the chandelier hung in the banyan tree, the rustic chairs and tables in the middle of the trees just a stones throw away from the coast, and the sparkler lit boat send off. They are obviously UGA fans as well.. which can be seen in the dance shots below. Sasha from Oh So Classy Events put together quite possibly THE PRETTIEST outdoor garden reception I have ever…

Paris | Paris France Travels | Destination Photographer Alison Epps Photography

Paris France Destination Wedding Photographer_0596

I’m not sure where to begin this blog post as there is just so much I could say. I am not great with words so I prefer to let my pictures speak for themselves, but there are certain things about me that I would love to let you in on that just make my heart sing ( but I would love for everyone to be able to see that through my pictures — and feel it too). My mom has always been a traveler, forcing us as children to hike, camp, explore and go places, try new things, things you may not have thought you’d like. However, I couldn’t get her to leave the continental U.S. I remember my grandfather gifted us a timeshare anywhere…

Katie + Deleno | Tampa Florida Wedding – Destination Wedding Photographer


The art of photography is cool and all, but the people!! That is what I love the most. I sat and listened intently during the bridesmaid speech as Katie’s sister told all about their grandmother who had passed away. She said their grandmother’s wish for the girls when they visited her in the hospital was for them to find a love like she had had with their grandfather. Kelly believed Katie and Deleno possessed exactly this type of love that their grandmother was talking about. We all sat in the room with eyes welling with tears, and I felt like I was part of the family listening to the stories. Some really awesome New England photographers, Justin and Mary, say it perfectly on their site…..