Hey y’all! I’m Alison.

I’d love to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me.
I am a mom of two amazing children, Hadley June- a spicy little three year old with a mind of her own and William Beckett – just the sweetest, and chunkiest baby you’ve ever come across, with rolls for days. I am a daughter of a King, who I strive to serve, through serving His people with the talents I have been given. I am a wife, to Brett, my high school sweetheart. (TEN YEARS MARRIED!!)

I’m a fun loving, free-spirited people person who found my way behind a camera very early in life. Photography is my love language. I love to document life, the big and the small. It’s my goal to tell your story, which is why I think it’s so important to find a photographer who you are comfortable with and love to be around. I’m all about deep connections, and love it when my clients become my friends!

I am a true southern belle, born and raised in the Sunshine State. I’ve had a blast over the past few years moving around the beautiful country and am SO thrilled to be back in the Southeast. However I still photograph weddings all around the country.

I began photographing weddings at the ripe age of 15!! Yep, so literally half of my life. In fact, I began in high school with old fashioned black and white darkroom photography. From there I went to pursue a degree in photography at The Southeast Center for Photographic Studies in Florida. Fast forward a couple of years and a couple of moves around the country and I am thrilled to be based back in the Southeast, however I still photograph destination weddings all over this beautiful country. I am also SO proud to share that I am a photography teacher back at the place I first learned photography. (HOW FUN IS THAT?!)

I call myself a hybrid photographer, which basically means I photograph with both digital and film mediums! You just CAN’T BEAT the beauty and colors that film photography masters. That being said, I love the capabilities of shooting 10 frames per second that digital allows! Therefore, I am a hybrid photographer. Most of my recent posts are 90% film as I tend to prefer the look, and hopefully you do too. I have been photographing with large and medium format cameras since college, 10 years ago, however the recent resurgence of film photography has opened up many doors to making it feasible for wedding photographers. I can’t wait to share more about my love for the medium and how it has greatly impacted my work!

Aside from my love for my family and photography, you will find me traveling as often as possible, drinking fine wines and champagne, eating all the delicious food, and practicing my french that I have been diligently trying to learn for the past decade and floating on the water somewhere beautiful!

I am blessed beyond measure to do what I love for a living. I can’t wait to hear your story and how I can serve you!!


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