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Kester Family | Savannah Family Photographer | Savannah Botanical Gardens


That pretty lady there, that’s Chelsea. I met Chelsea when I first moved to Savannah. I decided to get bangs one day just because, new move, new hair. Well, I had to google everything since I didn’t know anyone in the city to ask for recommendations. One day sitting in my home while Brett was at work I just googled hair salon and it turned out there was one literally around the corner from me. So I walked in, paid $7 and got some pretty banging bangs. (See what I did there?) With all of the upkeep that comes with the fun new fringe on my forehead I frequented the salon, making friends with the girl who rocked my hair. That was Chelsea. (If you’re…

Cynthia + Chad | Dunedin, Florida Wedding | St. Andrews Memorial Chapel Dunedin


I have been busy busy busy these past few months in the heat of full on wedding season in Florida. I was thrilled when Cynthia first contacted me about her elopement in May since it was literally walking distance from my house. I have been getting dreadfully used to driving across the state, and all over the southeast to photograph weddings and, don’t get me wrong, I love the variety traveling offers to my portfolio. But sometimes, it is fantastic to be able to capture a wedding in the cute little town we live in. Dunedin has quickly become one of our favorite cities in all of Florida since it is just so dang cute. It is 9 square miles wide. That’s it. We have…

Melissa + Patrick | Sarasota Beach Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer Alison Epps


I met Melissa and Patrick just before Christmas to chat wedding photography and instantly we really hit it off; since then I have been SO excited for their Sarasota Beach wedding in May. We got together for margaritas a few months before the wedding just to chat, and instantly they have been like family, rather than clients. I have been so blessed to have some of the sweetest, most sincere couples on the planet! Aside from our instant connection, the love you can see shared between one another is the kind a photographer always hopes for in their couples. The softness in their eyes and natural tender touch can’t be forced. They were truly a delight from the start. On Saturday, November 12, 2011, they…