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Kester Family | Savannah Family Photographer | Savannah Botanical Gardens


That pretty lady there, that’s Chelsea. I met Chelsea when I first moved to Savannah. I decided to get bangs one day just because, new move, new hair. Well, I had to google everything since I didn’t know anyone in the city to ask for recommendations. One day sitting in my home while Brett was at work I just googled hair salon and it turned out there was one literally around the corner from me. So I walked in, paid $7 and got some pretty banging bangs. (See what I did there?) With all of the upkeep that comes with the fun new fringe on my forehead I frequented the salon, making friends with the girl who rocked my hair. That was Chelsea. (If you’re in Savannah she is at 40 Volume Salon – she’s the BEST at color!!)

In getting to know her, it turns out her husband, Beau, was a local photographer- focusing mainly on commercial work. This meant Chelsea knew a thing or two about a camera, and photography in general. She and I would sit in the salon and chat photography while she played with colors on my hair and also chat about babies since we were both about to start our families. When we moved, I was sad to have to leave her, and the convenience of being so close to her, so I just decided to wait way too long between cuts and colors just to be able to use her when I am back.

I was absolutely honored when she asked me to do a family session for her and her family, especially since Beau is a film nerd like me. (oh yeah he recently bought a Hasselblad..GO BEAU!) But we picked a location I had never photographed at before in Savannah, which was a rare thing, and it was absolutely perfect. Not only is Chelsea a fantastic hair stylist, she has recently started up a business in aromatherapy called Wildflower Gypsy. She uses essential oils and extracts to create products for your home, health and beauty, and products that safe for baby too!! What better place to photograph this wildflower gypsy than a botanical garden??

While we were there, we had to clean up the house to get it ready for new renters and were desperately trying to get rid of a dog odor left behind and Chelsea to the rescue. After that worked I was sold!! She has recently supplied me with my new favorite gadget too.. Many people like to edit to music, TV shows, coffee, tea what have you.. I have been editing while burning my diffuser with some fancy smelling oils that I purchased from her. It has seriously upped my game here!!

I’ve given you enough background here on why this family session is so special to me so scroll through the pictures!! They were all shot on film, a mixture of Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji 400h. Also. Go check out Chelsea’s business on Instagram: or her etsy store and give her gsypsy ishhh a try!

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  1. Kate Whelan says:

    Loving that baby butterfly shot – and her super cute romper!

  2. Kayla Yestal says:

    Oh my gosh, her headband is just TOO CUTE! Love all of these!

  3. What a cute family session! I love this location! That initial photo is my favorite!