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The Oxford Exchange | Tampa Wedding Photographer | Alison Epps Photography

There are just SO many fantastic wedding venues in Tampa and I am just so giddy to get to photograph at the best of them. Ever since I stepped foot into The Oxford Exchange I DREAMED of the day I got to go camera-crazy in there. The black and white marble floors, the textured ceiling, the library, the natural light filled dining room with succulents EVERYWHERE. I had the pleasure of assisting another photographer at this wedding, so right off the bat I will warn you this post is not filled with tons of ooey-gooey love portraits, but rather I had the pleasure of focusing on the venue. And let me just tell you, their details and place settings made The Oxford Exchange that much more…

Tampa Engagement Photographer | Alison Epps Photography | Rainy Summer Engagement Session

Tampa Engagement Photographer_0297

As I sit here watching out my window dreaming about being on the boat on a nice warm summer day, it is doing what it does best in Florida during the summer… it’s raining. I’ve always lived in humid/rainy area’s so of course I am used to it. But Tampa is different. In Orlando, we could bet on a late afternoon shower almost daily. In Savannah we had big storms that would surprise us but mostly they were just morning drizzles. Here in Tampa, it could rain 3, 4, sometimes 5 separate occasions throughout the day. I like the rain. I like having an excuse to curl up indoors and relax every once in a while. But it just so happens we bought a boat last week…

My Favorite Place | Bar Harbor, Maine | Destination Photographer – Alison Epps Photography

Do you have a favorite place in the world? Somewhere you just dream about being, constantly? The one place that as soon as you get off the plane just feels like home on your first time visiting. For me and my husband, that place is Bar Harbor, Maine. A little back story. In 2012 we traveled to Maine for the first time. It was August, which in Florida is disgustingly hot and humid. You step outside there and it’s a nice cool 75 degrees. Refreshing. We flew up the morning after I had a wedding and got bumped to first class, free drinks at 8am? WHY NOT!? We stayed at the cutest little cabin with an awesome view of water on the adirondacks out back….

Jessica + Mike Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer | St. Petersburg, Florida Wedding Photographer

Jessica and Mike traveled to Tybee Island, Georgia from Indiana to get married. When Jessica and I first started emailing I was in the hospital having had my baby girl less than 8 hours before, so I had to apologize later if my email was a bit choppy. :) We got to know each other during their engagement session when my daughter was a few months old and now we fast forward to their wedding on Memorial Day weekend I am already planning my daughters FIRST BIRTHDAY! Crazy! Jessica called me a week before her wedding with the bad news that her officiant was not able to make it to the wedding, so guess who stepped up to the plate? none other than the Brett Epps – Georgia’s…