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What I did this Summer | Vizcaya Museum and Gardens | Miami, Florida Wedding Photographer

What I did this Summer. This could be a novel, really. But for my sake, since I have two children playing in the other room while my husband washes my car, I’ll keep it short. Ok, for your sake too. Cause who has time to recap in written words, when the pictures say so much more?
Well, for starters, we moved. I’ll go into a bit more detail about that in a future post. But, we got an amazing house of our dreams, in a fantastic area. In the same neighborhood as our best friends to boot!
And as if that wasn’t enough, I got a job. Like the kind where I work for someone else. But it’s also a dream job. This has been the summer of dreams unfolding, if you can’t tell. We’re kind of high on life at the moment. It’s a wonderful feeling.
So more about this job..
when I started photography, it was in high school with on of the most amazing and inspiring photographers I’ve ever known. She helped me photograph my first wedding under my business, and since then we’ve photographed many weddings together. She still refers the best clients my way and she believes in me more than I feel I deserve. She was my high school photography teacher, but also a life mentor and the person I wanted to be when I grew up. It’s been 12 years since I graduated high school, I’ve gotten a degree in Photographic Technology and I’ve run a highly successful business for many years. And now I’ve come full circle. Ladies and Gents, I am so honored to be right back in the very classrooms where I learned photography, except this time I’m sitting in the teachers chair. Team teaching along side the aforementioned lady. It is truly a blessing that has unfolded little by little.
It all happened so very quickly, but two weeks into teaching, it has been SO SO amazing. I’ll reveal one more small blessing that fell into place. My daughter is K4 age, and she’s going to the very school that I’m teaching at. How awesome is that?!
I titled this post “What I did this Summer” and it’s very fitting because my Advanced Photography students first assignment was to show an image they took this summer, tell us why they love it and what they’d do differently. Print and frame. Get a grade and grow as a photographer. When they presented their images to me on Friday, they asked where mine was. They wanted me to do the assignment with them. I agreed, and apologized for not having it in on time. But I can’t wait to grow with my students this next year!

Well, a few other things I did this summer, was travel since I now have to maintain a school schedule instead of just pick up on a whim and go wherever I please whenever I please. And its about time I get grounded because Hadley’s school schedule now demands that as well.
I also turned the big 3-0!!! And we took a fantastic family trip to Key West and Miami. We walked around the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Brett with two children in his arms at many points, me with my camera, bag and lots of film. And I would have shot so much more had it not rained and been 100 degrees out at the same time. Enjoy a few little snippets of what I did this summer! (The Miami part!)

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