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As the proverb goes, “If you are too busy to laugh, you are too busy.”

I love people watching and studying what they do that makes them smile and laugh. Being a portrait and wedding photographer, I get to see a lot of fun interactions between my couples. One thing Jennifer and Keith know how to do is make each other laugh. I was just in front of them with a camera watching it happen. We went out to Tybee Island for their engagement session and before I got to our second location, they had pulled out a frisbee and were just playing while waiting on me to park.

If you scroll through, you will notice countless times Keith had Jennifer cracking up, so I decided that is one area that had to be focused in on, (pun-intended).;)

I can’t wait for their wedding in June at the lovely Cathedral in Savannah. I also can’t wait to capture how he makes her laugh on the wedding day! Congratulations Jennifer and Keith! Keep on making each other smile.


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The look on a man’s face when he meets his son for the first time is a truly emotion-packed event. When Brandi contacted me to photograph her husbands homecoming I was delighted. I absolutely LOVE the military homecomings I’ve photographed in the past — quite possibly the most raw and true emotions I’ve ever witnessed, let alone photographed. But when she told me how he had been gone for THIRTEEN MONTHS and had never met their son who was now 9 months, I was honored to document this incredible moment.

I always feel a rush of adrenaline and anxiety during these moments, and am worried I’m going to be a basket case crying my eyes out, however the task of photographing and composing each shot keeps me busy enough to keep it together — that is until I edit them later…;)The moment was not anything less than I had hoped for. We weren’t exactly sure which set of doors he would come through so we were kind of standing in the middle. When she saw him she started screaming and running, as I ran behind her snapping as quickly as possible not to miss a beat of the first time this daddy got to meet his little boy. The look of emotion on his face when he first kissed his wife and when he held his son are enough to make me a little misty-eyed when looking back.

Congratulations Trawick Family! So glad you got your man home once and for all!

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Kerry and Pedro are from Florida and got married in Savannah, Georgia at the Whitman in Forsyth Park on July 19th. I have had the pleasure of photographing at the Whitman before as well as attending a little soiree there and every event I attend at this venue I am just stunned. If you are looking for somewhere to stay for a wedding (or for fun) or looking for an intimate wedding venue, this is really an awesome spot. It is a restored 3 story house with a fantastic kitchen, nice brick back porch, spacious rooms, a huge pool table upstairs, secret doors to hidden rooms,  balconies, and so much more.. Seriously, can you tell I love this house?

Kerry and Pedro are world travelers and I loved all of their details but my absolute favorite was their customized champagne glasses that they gave as favors to the guests. They say “Cheers” in many different languages. I usually have a habit of stealing (ok, taking, not stealing!) wedding favors as a personal memory from  my favorite weddings that I have on display and it was really hard not to take one of these glasses for my collection;)(Maybe Kerry will see this and send me one!)

I really love photographing small intimate weddings here in Savannah, it was a blast and I had such a great time getting to know this family and work with them through their beautiful wedding!

Cheers to Kerry and Pedro

(Prost, Salute, Chin Chin, Kampai and Santé too!!!)

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Rachel and Joe were married on July 5th, so as you can tell I am really on top of things getting their blog post done in the SAME MONTH!! This could be because I am in full swing third trimester ready to push a baby out in the next couple days and trying to wrap up three more weddings before doing so… yeah.. you can wish me luck.;)

Rachel contacted me well over a year ago with her plans for her wedding. She and I had worked next to each other at a bridal show in January of that year and had been discussing her wedding since then. Rachel works as one of the managers at a local hotel downtown, so we had a blast prepping for her wedding working with vendors we both knew.

I am so pleased with how their day went and Rachel and Joe’s schedule for the day was any photographers dream. They allowed plenty of time for portraits and were so willing to step aside if I asked to do just one more shot. Rachel got ready at the Charles Morris Center (how awesome are those flowers?? Seriously?! Possibly my favorite bouquet ever), and from there we went over to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist where they were wed. Following the ceremony, we did portraits around the squares nearby and down along Jones street. We also did some portraits at the Brice Hotel nearby. I was nervous the week prior to the wedding about weather and backup options because the sun was so harsh and hot around that time, or we could be dealing with rain. Well, the latter happened, but not until just before the reception started when we were already done with pictures!! (Insert happy dance)

The reception was beautiful, as are all events at the Charles Morris Center (Garden of Trustees). You will enjoy seeing the children playing in the rain puddles which I am so impressed the mom allowed to happen in the middle of the reception. Also, as a result of the storm that came during the beginning of the reception we had magnificent sunsets and tons and tons of lightning. Big beautiful bolts of lightning. That is one shot I am pretty happy about.:)

Thank you to all the vendors who participated in this wedding. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do. Just for those curious what awesome vendors we had:

Hair/Makeup: Beyond Beautiful by Heather

Church: St. John the Baptist

Venue: Charles Morris Center

DJ: All About You Entertainment

Florist: A to Zinneas

Cake: Savannah Hall of cakes

Linens/Caterer: Cape Cod Creations

and of course photographer: ME! Alison Epps Photography

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  • Ron Hilfer - Alison, This looks so nice…can’t wait to see the rest of Rachel and Joe’s wedding pictures! Best wishes to you and your soon-to-be new arrival!ReplyCancel

  • Janet DiCillo - What a beautiful bride! I love the dress, love the hair, love the flowers … and if the groom cooks, he is a keeper!! (did not work for me too well). Best of everything to you two forever.ReplyCancel

  • Janet Kristek - all i can say is WOWReplyCancel

  • Stacy Squires Photography - your timing was perfect with the last shot :-)ReplyCancel

Tiffanie contacted me well over a year ago about her destination wedding photographer here in Savannah. She and Ryan are from Tampa, FL, not far from where I used to shoot weddings in Central Florida. In fact, where we did their engagement photos was at a beach that I have photographed many weddings back in my Florida wedding days.

Their wedding took place at The Davenport House in Savannah in the middle of June. One thing that happens in Savannah in the middle of June is….. rain… lots and lots of rain. The sky let loose about 30 minutes before their ceremony was supposed to start. Rain doesn’t scare me much at all (or my equipment apparently), as I too am a victim of a rainy wedding day. Tiffanie and Ryan were a little luckier than I was though, as the rain stopped and the puddles were swept away and chairs dried off just in time for their ceremony to start just a few minutes delayed.

When Tiffanie and I first chatted I fell in love with the details she was incorporating into her wedding day, and the reasons behind them. She was very close with her grandmother who passed away unexpectedly last year so much of the day was dedicated to her. The wedding date was the week of her grandmothers birthday and the sunflowers were chosen because they were her grandmothers favorite flower. Also, they had their reception at Moon River Brewing in the beer cellar as Ryan is in the Army and as Tiffanie said many of the attendees are former or active military and having an unlimited supply of beer was a must!! My kinda party!!

Another important detail you will notice when perusing the pictures are their furry babies. Their three dogs are a huge part of their life, just like anyone with animals knows just how important they are to you. Tiffanie and Ryan chose to incorporate Tank, Roxy and Finn into their wedding and it was so cute to watch them walk down the aisle in a bow tie, signs and Roxie in her tutu.:)

Congratulations Tiffanie and Ryan! I can’t WAIT to hear about your amazing honeymoon in Ireland and throughout Europe!!

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