I’m Alison, a fine art wedding and portrait photographer dedicated to serving our clients near and far by documenting their love stories with a timeless and romantic feel. Trusting your photographer enough to open up those emotional moments with them is essential to getting the look desired and authentic looks of the fine art approach. With that being said, I’d love to have you get to know me, and allow me to get to know you so we can connect on a deeper level.

Wedding photography has taken me all over the world and I pray it always will. I love opportunities to travel for my work as it allows me to explore new canvases.
On a personal note, I travel to France as often as possible, and have spent countless hours learning the beautiful French language.

I have a supportive and hard-working husband and two of the most unbelievably squishy children who keep me occupied. We’ve moved all over the country and I have opened 3 photography bases in Savannah, Georgia, Winter Park, Florida and Denver, Colorado although we currently call Winter Park home and are loving the warm weather and days spent by the poolside.

Alison Epps

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I have been photographing weddings for over 10 years, and will always be drawn to each and every love story I get to tell through my lens. I currently teach photography at a local private school, where I first learned the art and am honored to share with each of my students.

I pursued a degree in Photographic Technology and had the privilege of learning from some of the most talented professors in the field who imparted their wisdom without holding back. In college, we used large format film, where I fell in love with the medium. Although I still hold on to my top of the line digital camera body, I love to shoot many rolls of film during weddings to play into the timelessness and artistic feel to my images.

Fine Art Film Photography

Philosophy of Art

William Beckett is my one year old velcro hip-attachment who is always always happy (so long as he's near me!), Hadley June is my spicy 4 year old who will be somebody's boss someday. She knows just what she wants will work hard to get it! We love living in Winter Park, Florida and being near our closest friends and family, while still traveling to all of our favorite destinations as often as possible!

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