Alison's background in formal portrait photography began in a school portrait photography studio while completing her degree in Photographic Technology. She continues her love for photographing children by offering a unique perspective on school portraits - a more boutique and personalized portrait sitting for each student. Alison works with multiple elementary and preschools in the community and loves the opportunity to get to know all her little subject she makes memories for.  Please contact to request more information.  

Boutique School Portraits

We love to document your child in the here and now! Next year they will be so different. Their smiles and laugh lines and expressions this year need to be remembered, before they pass us by. It is this that drives our studio to earn the trust of our littlest clients and their families, that we may get a glimpse into their world to make the memories we will cherish for future generations. Documenting  these stages of childhood is not just our job, but our passion.

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