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Colorado Wedding Photographers | Rocky Mountain National Park & Garden of the Gods


Hey AEP fans! Big news over here I haven’t blogged about yet but you may have seen on other forms of social media. It’s been years in the making really — but our family is now officially residents of Colorado! I say its been years in the making because really, when I first started dating Brett he talked about living here one day. I wasn’t sure I was really interested, but the seed was planted in my head early on. We really made a home of living in the southeast, but in the back of our minds I think we always knew we would end up here some day out in the future. Well, about a year ago he got an offer to transfer to Colorado Springs and we very seriously considered it. But after many back and forths and hesitations all around, we decided it was not the right time just yet. We stayed in Florida and were happy that we did. Fast forward a year, when we were deciding whether to renew our lease on our rental or not, just in time an offer came to transfer out to Denver. Everything lined up all too perfectly for any hesitation or doubt to flood our minds. And so here we are. I can go on and on about how perfect the timing was and how we knew it was meant to be but I’ll save that for another date and another blog! :)

For now I will just share some photos I took last year out here when we came for Hadley’s first birthday. We drove to The Rocky Mountain National Park and took some pictures. Yeah, you can tell she wasn’t too thrilled to be my subject in some of the shots. (Someone please get me a BRIDE who doesn’t cry at having her picture taken to replace the cute baby!)

We also went to our other favorite Colorado stops, The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. I truly can not wait to explore every corner, hill and valley of this colorful state, with my camera in tote. For now, I am just LOVING decorating our new house and playing in the snow!

As for my Florida and Georgia couples and previous clients, I will be back often! And I will be looking forward to making my way back just to get a deep breath of that humid, hot, salty air that we are definitely lacking up here. :)

Lastly, Thank you for ALL your continued support as my family makes this move across the country!!


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  1. Scott says:

    I love Rocky Mountain national park! So glad you moved out here!

  2. Rachel Havel says:

    Welcome to Colorado Alison!! xo

  3. Monashee says:

    Oh my! What a beautiful new location you are in. Those views are glorious. Your little one is adorable, and I so remember the days of the kiddos crying for photos… actually, they are 4 now and they still hate having their photo taken… now they can just run away. Haha

  4. Welcome to Colorado!!! It is such a beautiful state!

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