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Dorsten Family | Denver, Colorado Family Photographer | Lone Tree Family Session

This is Brenna, Matt and Jane. They are the sweetest family of three that you’ll ever meet. I went to high school with Brenna a little while ago (I won’t say how many years ago because it makes me feel too old) and shortly after college Brenna and Matt moved to Denver. When I was looking to move here I immediately contacted Brenna to get the scoop on the best locations to live, the best breweries in town and best child-friendly activities. Jane and my daughter Hadley instantly became friends and the rest is history. :) I was so excited when Brenna told me they’d not ever done real family photos, and immediately got to thinking where we could make some beautiful images for them….

Hadley June | Colorado Family Photographer | Colorado Family Session

Colorado Family Photographer Session

Ever since we found our home in Colorado, Hadley loves to walk down the street from our “new house” (several times a day even) to visit the horses that live nearby. We moved just as fall was coming to an end so we got to see some of the beautiful weather, but pretty much all the leaves had fallen and it was starting to snow more and more often. She wants to walk there and sometimes I tell her we can’t today, it’s too cold. We drive past them on our way in and out and ask how they’re doing, bring them apples and make sure they have their horse blankets on. I know it’s a bit early in the season to say I can’t…

Kester Family | Savannah Family Photographer | Savannah Botanical Gardens


That pretty lady there, that’s Chelsea. I met Chelsea when I first moved to Savannah. I decided to get bangs one day just because, new move, new hair. Well, I had to google everything since I didn’t know anyone in the city to ask for recommendations. One day sitting in my home while Brett was at work I just googled hair salon and it turned out there was one literally around the corner from me. So I walked in, paid $7 and got some pretty banging bangs. (See what I did there?) With all of the upkeep that comes with the fun new fringe on my forehead I frequented the salon, making friends with the girl who rocked my hair. That was Chelsea. (If you’re…

Ann Marie & baby Harlow – Savannah Maternity Session | Alison Epps Photography


Happy Friday everyone!! I am finally sitting down to blog all I’ve been up to over the past few busy weeks of my life. My husband took my sweet Hadley June to Orlando to do our taxes (ugh) and somehow I got out of having to go and now I have the weekend all to MYSELF!! SAY WHAT?!?!!! Aside from an engagement session tomorrow night on Honeymoon Island I am totally FREE! This does not ever happen.. and I don’t know what to do with myself. Pedicure? Haircut? Laying in bed all day in my new fancy bedding that is oh-so-comfy! Who knows, I might even make it to a yoga class. Also, a very happy final weeks of being pregnant to the GORGEOUS Ann…

Colorado Family Session | Boulder, Colorado Family Photographer | Colorado Wedding Photographer

As a Colorado Wedding Photographer, I always love when my previous wedding clients and friends turn into future family sessions down the road. How sweet is this Boulder, Colorado family and newborn session?  Let me introduce you to Kristina, Josh and baby Warner. I had the honor of photographing this brand new momma a few weeks after baby Warner was born. I documented their wedding several years back with my friend Rachel V. and their wedding was super unique for several reasons. Kristina and Josh actually sold their house, cashed in their retirements, and sold everything they owned to travel the world for an entire year after there wedding as a honeymoon. Can you imagine a year long honeymoon traveling to 31 countries and 6 continents? They called…